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JSESSIONIDb2b.gebr-heinemann.comSAPSession IDbrowser session
ROUTEb2b.gebr-heinemann.comSAPRouting Cookiebrowser session
acceleratorSecureGUIDb2b.gebr-heinemann.comSAPSecure Token in the sessionbrowser session
anonymous-consentsb2b.gebr-heinemann.comSAPStorage of Consent Status (for tracking of user data), for anonymous users 1 year
cookie-notificationb2b.gebr-heinemann.comSAPStatus of consent to cookie usebrowser session
ghb2bstorefrontremembermeb2b.gebr-heinemann.comSAPThe Accelerator storefronts support Spring Remember Me Authentication (Soft Login), which automatically logs a customer into the storefront based on a cookie.14 days